D.O.B 06/06/2004


Merlin was born at 5:05pm weighing 1lbs 6oz on the 6th June 2004 which was also the 60th Anniversary of 'D Day'…………….spooky a lot of 6's!!!!! We were so pleased that we had a Black and White boy just like his dad, and we called him '2 spot's'!!!

For the first 4 years of Merlin's life he shared a home with Michael, Andrea, Bradley & Elliott, and a pet Rat. We were really pleased to find such a good home for Merlin, and we received numerous e-mails about his tales!!! We would like to thank Michael & Andrea for taking such great care of Merlin, and for letting us have him back to re-home him when circumstances changed. Over the years we took mum (Dakota) & Blaze to visit Merlin, they had great fun together playing and the boys have such great personalities & temperaments.

In June 2008 Merlin came back to us for re-homing. We are delighted to find another great family for him, Marina, David, John, Emily & Anoushka (Malamute). He has settled in to his new family & enjoying his new life.

Merlin, Anoushka & Family on their first Walk Thetford Forest



Cinneli Kickbut for Hyteton


Snowolf Chicago Sal For Wolfraven




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