D.O.B 17/02/2008

Hip score: 5/6
Eyes: Clear Sept 2010

Polyneuropathy : DNA Normal

Rumor's Story

On the hunt for a prospective partner for Dakota, we went to visit Jill & Jim Broadberry at Hyteton Kennels. We were looking for a dog that we could use with Dakota for our next litter, we were hoping to keep a female as a possible future mate for Tuk. On visiting Jill & Jim they had a female from a recent mating from AM CH Sno Klassic Ticket to Ride To Hyteton (Lewis) & Hyteton Apollo Rhea (Rhea), and we really liked her and the rest is history. We did go and visit Jill & Jim initially in about 1999 for a puppy from them, so nearly 10 years on we get a Hyteton Puppy.
She is such a well behaved puppy, just praying she continues to be a good girl, she lives with the rest of the pack, loves to play with Tuk, and kisses Blaze literally to death.
When Rumor mature's we are hoping to have a litter with her and Tuk but it won't be until atleast 2011. Please see below some pictures from snippets about where the name Rumor originates from

by Micha F. Lindemans
The Roman personified goddess of fame, and the personification of popular rumor. What she heard she repeated first in a whisper to few, then louder and louder until she communicated it to all heaven and earth. Mentioned as a daughter of Tellus. Not truly a goddess, she was more a literary conceit. She had as many eyes, ears, and tongues as she had feathers. Virgil mentions Fama ("rumor") as a horrible creature with multiple tongues and tattling mouths. The Greek version is Pheme.

In Roman mythology, Fama ("rumor") was described as having multiple tongues, eyes, ears and feathers by Virgil and other authors. She is also described as living in a home with 1000 windows so she could hear all being said in the world. Virgil wrote that she "had her feet on the ground, and her head in the clouds, making the small seem great and the great seem greater."



Rumor's Sire

Lewis-AM CH Sno Klassic Ticket To Ride To Hyteton


Rumor's Dam

Rhea-Hyteton Apollo Reah



Some dogs from Rumor's pedigree

Ch Sno Klassic Slow Wet Kisses

BIS BISS CH Nanuke's Take No Prisoners ROM
Ch Sno Klassic Piece Of My Heart
AM/CAN CH Taolan Flying Colors
GGM CH Sno Klassics Showtime

IT CH Axel Del Biagio
Hyteton Miss Oop's
BIS BISS CH Nanuke's Revolutionary
CH Nanuke's Seal Of Approval
AM CH Nanukes Lockport Louie
AM CAN BDA CH Kiskayos Best
AM CAN CH J-Lens Taolan Tamisan
BIS AN CAN INT CH Kiniks Rough Rider

BIS IT INT CH VYkons Wind Beneath My Wings

INT CH Florens Del Biagio
CAN CH Oopik's Winter Excellence


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