Dog Show
Wath/West Melton & District Canine Society
1st March 2008
Mr Steve Myring
2nd Graduate
Reserve BOB
Tunbridge Wells & DCS
30th March 2008
Tan Negrecha
2nd Junior
Herts & Essex Border Canine Society
6th April 2008
Mr Rodney Oldham
1st Junior
Masculine Lad of handy size, head well laid out with medium brown eyes, some stop & strength to muzzle, excellent neck. Still to develop in chest. Straight topline with slight slope, scored in length of leg, well defined hindquarters with which he drove around the ring
West of England Ladies Kennel Society
25th April 2008
Mr Rodney Oldham
3rd Junior
National Dog Show
9th May 2008
Mr S J Mallard
3rd Junior
The Alaskan Malamute Club of UK
24th May 2008
Sharon Loades

1st Junior
Best Junior
Best Import

BJIS - 15mths. Super youngster who should have a great future ahead. Loved his type & substance. Masculine, well proportioned head & well arched neck. Balanced Angulation, deep chest and correct topline with waving plume. Correct pasterns, lovely feet & bone & carrying a correct coat. Moved soundly, with an easy powerful gait. I could have very happily taken him home.

BI - This dog just got better as the day went on. Promising future ahead I feel.

Bath Canine Society
25th May 2008
Mrs C E Cartledge
2nd Junior

moved & handled well. Just appeared a shade short on leg for perfect balance. Correct coat, good bone.

Southern Counties
1st June 2008
Marja Talvitie
3rd Junior
Blackpool & District Canine Society
22nd June 2008
Mr Derek Smith
1st Junior
National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society
12th July 2008
Mr J Bispham
2nd Junior
good muzzle, stop & skull topped with neat ears all giving a true expression, good body & sound quarters all giving him easy action;
East of England
17th July 2008
Mrs P Avory
1st Junior

Striking Youngster, well bodied up for one so young, masculine head, nice broad skull, correct front assembly & strong quarters, moved with confidence & style

Alfreton & District Canine Society
20th July 2008
Richard Kinsey
1st Junior
Leeds Championship Show
26th July 2008
Mrs B Banbury
1st Junior
4th August 2008
Mrs Sue Smith
1st Junior
Quality dog with excellent properties, maturing nice and slow, not a large dog but of correct freighting size. Excellent head, good eye, small ears, good straight front up on toes and well balanced, correct tail set, moved soundly & powerfully round the ring
Bournemouth Canine Society
10th August 2008
Mr J P Philips
1st Junior
quality male, really liked him, excellent head & expression, lovely small ears & dark eye, nice sloping topline, good bone & feet, correct length of loin, nice tailset, moved with power & drive, well presented & handled, will trouble the big winners when he’s fully mature
Bournemouth Canine Society
10th August 2008
Mr D Coxall
1st & Wins Junior Stakes
Super head & eye,good body, nice feet, moved with grace & Style. Overall winner dog
The Welsh Kennel Club
16 th August 2008
Mrs Mary Deats
2nd Junior
Excellent Head & Expression, Very Good Conformation, Excellent Bone & Feet, Under the length of his harsh Jacket he does have enough leg length but could stand a tad more. Good topline, not compact. Tail could be looser. Very Good Rear & Side Gait, Quality Dog.
Wath/West Melton & District Canine Society
23rd August 2008
Keith Baldwin
1st Graduate
gr/w with masculine head in proportion to his size, brown almond shaped eye, scissor bite, well boned & arched feet. Can stand narrow in front, handler must be aware & hopefully when chest develops this will help. Nice body & coat, stifle well bent, moved out positively
City of Birmingham Canine Society
30th August 2008
Mr Barrie M Croft
2nd Post Graduate
close 2nd, lovely quality & type, masculine, excellent bite, looked balanced & again this came through on the move. Could swap these two around & be just as happy, liked him very much
Richmond Championship Dog Show
6th September 2008
Mrs Lynne Salt
1st Post Graduate
broad head with strong muzzle, medium dark almond shaped eye, nice front with good bone, chest deep with strong backline, sound hindquarters, good tail, moved well
Darlington Championship Dog Show
13th September 2008
Robin Newhouse
2nd Post Graduate
loved head & expression, top quality coat, good bone. Rather heavy in neck & front construction
Driffield Agricultural Society
18th September 2008
Mrs Christine Chapman
2nd Yearling Dog
Driffield Agricultural Society
18th September 2008
Mrs Christine Chapman
2nd Post Graduate dog
good specimen, very similar to 1, well balanced, very good head. The deciding factor was he just needs to firm up a little in front on the move but this is just an age thing
AMCUK Championship Show
27th September 2008
Mrs Wendy Willhauck ( USA)
3rd Yearling Dog
Worksop & District Canine Society
18th October 2008
Mrs R Lord
1st Post Graduate & BOB
Midland Counties
26th October 2008
Ellis Hulme
2nd Post Graduate Dog




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